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Kamaji is a static website generator, generating HTML files from Markdown source files. It features a hierarchical variable system, dynamically includes content base on path variables and is able to work with templates.

The Kamaji package is available in the Python Package.

Name, Icon, and Development

This program is named after the boiler-grandpa in “Spirited Away” to honour Hayao Miyazaki and his œuvre.

The Icon represents the letter “K” in the Braille writing system.

The BBC recording of the Last Night of the Proms 2019 supplied the soundtrack while developing this software. You can’t go wrong with a bit of a Cancan. And with the all-time great version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, sung so lushly by Jamie Barton.

Demo Site

I have prepared a demo sub-site generated with Kamaji’s demo command. Note: as it is a demo there is no “going up” link.

Its source files are located here.

There is no need for a separate demo build process since Kamaji knows about the demo pages by following the link above. The demo sitemap is built separately with the following command:

kamaji map --site --merge \
   --exclude '*' \
   --include 'projects/kamaji-demo/*' \

The exclude/include arguments are needed to restrict the demo sitemap to the demo site files. The sitemap of the entire website is shown below.

Kamaji n0 Homepage n2 Minor Projects n0->n2 n3 Major Projects n0->n3 n4 The Attic n0->n4 n5 About Me n0->n5 n1 Kamaji n1->n0 n1->n2 n1->n4 n1->n5 n6 projects/kamaji-demo-src n1->n6 n7 Kamaji Static Website Generator n1->n7 n2->n3 n2->n4 n2->n5 n3->n1 n4->n3 n5->n3 n5->n4 n8 How to generate this site n7->n8 n9 GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE n7->n9 n8->n9

Source Code

Coming soon.